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Beautiful Custom Walnut Plaques make great gifts.


Our Custom Plaques may be designed to meet any need. From Family Trees to Awards, Retirement Gifts, and Thank You Gifts, you will find them an ideal fit for all your needs!

Choose from one of the many poems on file, have your own poem inscribed and designed, or have a complete custom design created. Add photos, logos, or your own design and make it a truly one-of-a-kind piece. Don't see exactly what you are looking for here? Just ask!

We are also honored to offer our clients the option to add the 2* logo to their Plaque. As the EXCLUSIVE partner of 2*,
we are the only authorized distributor for the 2* logo on Plaques, Memorial Boxes, and Trading Cards.

Plaques come in the following standard sizes:

Base Size

4.75 x 5.5
5 x 8

6 x 8
8 x 10
8 x 12
8 x 15
9 x 12

11 x 13

11 x 15
11 x 17
14 x 17

17 x 19
16 x 22

Plate Size

3.75 x 4.5

      3.5 x 6.5      

4.5 x 6.5

6 x 8

6 x 10

6 x 13

7 x 10

9 x 11

9 x 13

9 x 15

12 x 15

15 x 17

14 x 20















Prices are inclusive of tax and basic design.

Family Heart Tree (with year established) or the Leafy Family Tree ~
Best in sizes:
Family of 3 or 4:  8x10 or larger (v or h)
Family of 5 to 8:  9x12 v or 11x17 h
Family of 9 to 12:  9x12 v or 11x17 h
Family of 13-17:  11x15 v or 17x19 h

Have a Family with 18 or more? Get your customized quote and size by Clicking Here.

Have a Family Crest you would like added? Send that over and have it added at no additional cost.

Looking for more plaques or in need of something different? Let us know! We can customize anything you need!

** v = vertical  h = horizontal

Looking for a size not listed above? Have a Custom Poem you would like to see used? No problem! Just let us know what you are looking for and we will get you a special quote.

The above prices include the most basic layouts and designs plus the option to add a background image or a photo to any plaque or on any of the stock poems. (Samples above had no extra set-up fees.)

Add the 2* logo to your plaque! ($10.00 for the first placement, $7.00 for each additional placement.)

All work is done as it is ordered, to your specifications, so please allow 14 days for production. Rosettes, specialized corners, and non-printed insignias are additional.

Payment is due before the order goes to production.
Law Enforcement and Government Agencies may fax a PO and have production started immediately.

Click Here to order your plaque now.

Poems on File

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