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A Working Dog's Oath (2)

They handled themselves with beauty & grace
and who could ever forget that beautiful face
Whether at work; or at home; whatever the test
they always worked hard; and did their best
They were real champions; at work or at play
but their lives were cut short; suddenly one day
While working on the job with their partner one day
they put themselves out on a limb; out into harm's way
They gave the ultimate sacrifice; any dog can give
they gave up their life; so someone could live
The best of their breed;
as his partner and anyone would say
many hearts are now broken;
that he had to prove it this way
Now as the trees are blowing in the gentle breeze
the sun is shining; thru the leaves on the trees
The meadows are green; and the grass grows tall
off in the distance they can see a waterfall
As they look over the falls; down through the creek
the water flows gently; as a rabbit sneaks a peek
Far up above; in the deep blue sky
they see the birds soar high; as they fly by
They see animals playing; at the bridge by a waterfall
chasing each other; and just having a ball
They play all day; from morning to night
there's no more rain; just warm sunlight
Off in the distance; they hear trumpets blow
then all the animals look up; and notice a bright glow
The harps would play and the angels would sing
as they know they've come home;
they've earned their wings
We remember that they died; in the line of duty
and are now with the Lord; sharing in heaven's beauty
Off to the meadows now;
where they can play and roam free
with an occasional rest stop; under a tall oak tree
No more bad guys to chase; or bullets to take
just a run through the meadow; down to the lake
A quick splash in the water; then back to the shore
then it's off to the forest; to go play some more
These special dogs are back home; up in heaven above
they're cradled in God's arms; and covered with His love
We'll light a candle for all of them; in the dark of night
in loving memory of all; these very special knights.

Available in 8 x 10 or larger

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