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Event Planning

Planning Made Easy

Premier Planning Partners was created to assist groups and organizations in planning meetings and travel events of all types and sizes. Our main goal is to help groups find their perfect match and create a stress-free, successful event.

PPPI finds various venues for group events, meetings, and social activities, and compiles them for your review. Once you have narrowed your selections down, we go to work getting the best deal for you by negotiating rates, details, and perks with your best interests in mind. After we have obtained the best deals from each of your selections, we will compile a new list for your review. When you have made your selection, we will contact the parties involved and get all the contracts you need.

Sound too good to be true? It gets better! PPPI will do all of the above work, including keeping records of re-occurring functions to assist in yearly searches, at absolutely no cost to you, the client!* Our sole job is to be your representative and work hard on your behalf.

PPPI is also happy to announce our new enhanced event assistance program! Have you ever done an event that had a large number of registrants? Entering all that information into a spreadsheet can be very time-consuming - if you are even able to read their handwriting. Wouldn't it be nice to have an online registration tool, customized to your special event? Your colors... your logo... your registration questions. We now offer that service as part of our enhanced coordination package. Ask about our new registration assistance package when you inquire about your next event.**

Premier Planning Partners currently works with corporations, government agencies, traveling sports teams, colleges, universities, bands, entertainers, and various social clubs and associations. We can work with groups from 10 - 10,000 people, events from 1 day - 1 year, with or without sleeping rooms***, in any of the 50 United States.

Give yourself peace of mind. When you get ready to plan your next event, call Premier Planning Partners first - and let us do the rest of your calling for you!

Click Here to generate a request or call 262.552.8094 when you are ready to start your next event.

* Search fee applies if the group does not book any function with PPPI.
** Per Person Fee does apply to the enhanced coordination package.

*** Special pricing is available for services without sleeping rooms.

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