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The K-9 Team

When duty calls, we’re first in line,
To face danger in the night.  
They call on us, when it matters most,
We’re ready for the fight.

We’ve trained in darkness, rain and snow,
To be ready for the call.
And when it comes, we do our best,
To make the evil fall.

Through all the days and nights we’ve worked,
You’ve been there by my side.
You’ve never failed to do the tasks,
And performed them all with pride.

While some may call you just a beast,
They just don’t understand.
It’s just a game, you’ve learned to play,
To catch the evil man.

Some may call you man’s best friend,
But to me you’re even more.
Through thick and thin, you’ve served with me,
You’re loyal to the core.

And some of us, though only few,
Know what it really means,
To wear the badge, to hold the leash,
To be a K-9 team.

Available in 6 x 8 or larger

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