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I Wait By The Gate

In a strange land I was sent, not knowing my fate;
In a pen I was put and I sat by the gate.
I watched and I wondered what do I do now?
Then I looked up and saw you, as you walked up and smiled.
We trained and we worked and I showed you my best;
You rewarded me and petted me and I did the rest.
Through trails and paths and roads we did go;
And I was to smell, for traps that would blow.
Many times I stopped you from ending your life;
From an enemy trap wire that was set to end life.
Never have I thought that we would ever part;
Because of the love that we had in our hearts.
Oh, I was proud to walk by your side;
With all of your friends and being your guide.
Then one day you put me back into my pen;
You smiled, you petted me, said "Goodbye my friend."
You looked back one more time,
and I saw the tears in your eye;
And I knew it was the last, your way of saying goodbye.
My life, it so changed when you went back home;
And I stayed behind to a fate still unknown.
It's been over 30 years since I've seen your face;
But I never forgot you, my friend and my mate.
So please don't worry, I'm waiting by Heaven's gate;
For my best friend, my brother, but mainly my mate.

Available in 6 x 8 or larger

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